Love Status

Love Status can be expressed in many ways of cuteness. Whereas love is that important part of life without which no one can enjoy his/her life.

love status

love status


Romantic relationships

Its shows the strong activities of love or connect two person with their natural power to make interaction in each other by forming bond between them socially.

The Love was popularized by western culture many years ago. A person was caught in  non martial relationship with a women in middle age and this connection became very strong with the passage of time and became the tradition that was followed by many peoples of that area in east.

Love have great importance in your life.  You can find love but its not measurable that when, how and where love show itself in your life.

Love don’t come in conditions because its completely in control of our feeling and heart to accept it therefore this is no any specific time place or condition where you can find it. If you are young in your college life and studding in co educations stem you can involve in love until you don’t agree with your heart, even you read, write and also eat in canteen or visit different areas with your partners.

Love Status play an important role in your life with your partner or friend. Some people love to marriage, some peoples love for deep friendly relations so that they can keep on meeting with each other for long life time.

Its cost free feelings therefore you can not buy or sell it to any one even at any price or money. You can not exchange or trade it with any other person. Its not a substance or physical thing, have only feelings in our souls therefore no one can stole it form you.

Speak able is your love. Its helps you to succeed in many points in your life. A big motivation source is your love for some one.

Behavior because of Love Status


Love handle your attitude and face expression. More the deepness of your love more the attitude you exhibit by your body. You talk speak loudly or talk friendly depend upon your real love from heart.

True love nature is that it offer honer to others and spread happiness in societies between humans.